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We’ll give your pooch a healthy shiny coat again

If your dog has just a few matts, we may be able to take care of these with a de-matting treatment and / or clip these out and style your dog in such a way that blends the clipped area into the longer coat.

If your dog is badly matted, the groomers will need to take more time with shaving the matted areas. This is time-intensive and requires extra care not to cause any nicks if the matts have formed close to the skin. Think of this as an emergency treatment of a neglected coat. As professional pet groomers we will do our best to advise you of your responsibility after treatment and ongoing preventative care.

Ideally, your dog should come to the salon every four to six weeks or thereabouts, depending on breed and how much you do at home. In between grooms, your dog will benefit from daily (or every-other-day) brushing out. If you need help with choosing the right brush or using the right technique, ask us and we will be happy to show you.

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We love you and your pooch equally as much and want to make sure that you both take advantage of #feelingfoxy